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Durrani Empire
European influence in Afghanistan
Reign of King Amanullah
Nadir Shah and Zahir Shah
Daoud's Republic Afghansitan
Mohammad Najibullah
Afghanistan Govermnet
Loya Jirga
Political Parties and Leaders


   A strange custom practised in and around Kabul goes by the name of Burfi (From burf, meaning Snow). On the occasion of the first fall of snow, friends address congratulatory letters to one another containing a short Persian couplet, running thus:
Snow comes continuously from above
Snow is mine while Burfi is yours.

Everybody on such occasions is on his guard lets he may betaken unaware .He takes great precautions and instructs his servants and family members not to receive a letter from anyone before first ascertaining its contents. Everyone tries to catch hold of the deliverer of such letters. if he is caught while delivering the letter, he gets a good thrashing and is then turned over to his master with face blackened. This means that the sender of letter has lost the game, and according to the custom must pay the penalty, which is to arrange a grand feast in honor of the winner and his friends, If, on the other hand ,the letter is received by the address himself or any member of his family, and the deliverer escapes unscathed ,the addressee is to pay a similar penalty.

   Picnics. Afghans are a sociable people, very fond of picnic and feasts, in which music plays an important role. Every Friday (which is a public holiday in Afghanistan), provided the weather permits, people of all ranks , men , women and children , carrying food with them , go out to a neighboring garden, and stay there until late in the evening. The day is spent in merry-making, dancing singing and cooking various kinds of delicious food. Children go up the hills, while the elders recline against huge pillows in the shade of a willow tree or under a gigantic panjachinar. Youngsters are busy with cooking food, and beautiful samovars are seen boiling water for tea. The afghans, indeed , are very fond of drinking tea, quaffing several cups, one after the other, within a few minutes.

During such special gatherings, sometimes a literary discussions takes place. Everyone tries to support his statement or theory with a line from some well-known poet or a quotation from a famous writer.



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