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Durrani Empire
European influence in Afghanistan
Reign of King Amanullah
Nadir Shah and Zahir Shah
Daoud's Republic Afghansitan
Mohammad Najibullah
Afghanistan Govermnet
Loya Jirga
Political Parties and Leaders


      New Year is a happy occasion in all countries of the world. In Afghanistan it falls on the 21st of March, which is the beginning of spring. It is definitely the beginning of a new life in the country. The sudden change in weather, the blowing of invigorating breezes and the singing of birds all bear witness that a new leaf is turned over in the country’s life-book and that winter is over.

New Year’s Eve is celebrated throughout Afghanistan with much rejoicing. Housewives are usually busy preparing and cooking special dishes and cookies (called kulcha-e-nawrozi). There are several legends connected with this day. One of them is that an old woman, Ajozak, as they call her, come to this world once a year. As son as she lands somewhere in a valley, she starts swinging in a gorge, which is encircled by high mountains. Is s he falls down into a stream below, it is presumed that the year will be wet and rainy, otherwise they are expect a dry season and shortage of food.

     Independence Day Celebrations The last week of August is a happy occasion throughout Afghanistan. It is the week to celebrate Jeshan, Independence Day and to commemorate the brilliant victory at Thal, which the Afghans , under the leadership of the Late King, Mohammed Nadir Shah ( then Commander –in-Chief of Afghan forces), had over the British.
Most countries have Independence Day Afghans has an Independence Week, when all official business comes to a halt for at least the first three days. Cities and citizens don colorful garb and there is much dancing, sports, fireworks and lights. In Kabul the focal point of interest is the Ghazi Stadium in Chaman-e Huzuri, which is packed from early morning to late in the evening with cheering crowds. Near the Stadium ther is an exhibition of Afghan arts and crafts and industry. In the wide open grounds there is merry-go-rounds, traveling circuses , fortune –tellers, hawkers of toys and balloons, and all other paraphernalia which go to make a fiesta festive

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